Is the Beautêmer trial a scam?

Is the Beautêmer trial a scam?

For many the thought of getting older and seeing those wrinkles becoming deeper can be a terrifying thought.

This is why age-defying face creams are so popular, such as Beautêmer, which is claimed to be clinically proven to eliminate wrinkles thanks to its formula that contains 24k gold.

Now, despite its impressive claims there are those who doubt them, with some even going as far as to call this product a scam, but what is the truth?

Lets look at Beautêmer in more detail to see if its claims can be backed up.

Claimed benefits of Beautêmer

Beautêmer claims to:

  • Significantly reduce wrinkle depth
  • Restore the youthful firmness of your skin
  • Reduce the appearance of crows feet
  • Prevent the reappearance of deep wrinkles with continued use

While impressive sounding, it is important before you sign up for any offer that you check what ingredients it is made from, otherwise how will you know if it really works or not.

Ingredients of Beautêmer

While there are 88 ingredients used in Beautêmer the main two are the pure 24k gold flakes and marine collagen.

Both ingredients have been proven to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but with so many other ingredients present there is a doubt that enough of these two ingredients are present.

Since there is no mention of the amounts or an image of the label there is simply no way of knowing how effective the face cream really is.

Cost of Beautêmer

At first glance it is unclear just how expensive Beautêmer really is. However, if you read the terms and conditions at the very bottom of the website you will soon see why signing up for this offer may be an expensive mistake.

While the initial cost of signing up for the trial is just £3.99 this soon increases up to £99.98 once the trial period has concluded.

As with most trial offers if you do not cancel the trial you will be sent further monthly packages along with a new bill.

Is Beautêmer recommended?

While some of its ingredients are proven and could help reduce the appearance of wrinkles the high cost of Beautêmer makes it impossible to recommend.

There are plenty of other more cost-effective alternatives so I would recommend that you look elsewhere.

How to contact Beautêmer?

To contact Beautêmer you should use one of the following methods:

Email: support@orderbeaute.com
Phone: 080-8234-8665

There is also an option to cancel your trial online, just follow the instructions after clicking the link at the very bottom of their website.

If you have trialled this product we would love to hear from you, please leave a message below.

Alternative to Beautêmer

If you want to see real results then increasing your natural collagen production is a sure-fire way of achieving your goal.

This is why my suggested alternative is the Hydrolysed Collagen supplement sold online by Evolution Slimming.

It contains 1000 mg of Hydrolysed Collagen and is considerably cheaper than Beautêmer at just £29.99 for a months supply.

As it is not available on trial you can relax in the knowledge that you are not going to be charged monthly or receive any hidden charges.

Click here to read the full review!

9 comments on "Is the Beautêmer trial a scam?"
  1. I ordered the trial size for the cost of shipping and handling. The product did not arrive in time for me to try it before I started on a long overseas trip. I am still overseas. Today, my credit card has been charged US$159.98 when I did not order any refill or any regular shipment. Please cancel my order. Please refund US$159.98 immediately. Your aggressive marketing technique has so turned me off your product!

    • Sorry but this is not MY product. In fact I have NO products of my own. This website simply reviews them. 🙂

      I suggest you try contacting Beautêmer using the contact details I have provided above.

  2. Yeah I recently filled in a survey about school websites, it gave me the option to select a free gift which led me to another website to claim this free bottle of this stupid gold serum bullshit which no’one would even want, (Personally I was going to give it as a gift) i was told that the full price would be £0.00 but then once i completed it it turned into almost £8, the next thing i know, I am signed up to a subscription where i am on a trial and have to continually pay so i thought to myself, this is a cheating scam, fuck this im taking my money out of the bank and they are having nothing, when they send it to me i shall send it back but WARNING do not buy it you will be majorly fucked over.

  3. It is a scam. Stay away from it. No telephone numbers work to speak to the company and they sell your details to other organisations that contact you and ask for money.

    • I have been scamed I sent for an earler offer , I thought I was sending for a trial sample. they said that there would be no charge for fourteen days , the cash went out of my account that night,they also said I had ordered two lots amounting to £288. I finally recieved it yesterday, I ordered on the 8th April, I did’nt open it and sent it straight back,now they want proof of postage ect. I hope I see my cash back I’m not holding my breath

  4. I received the serum as well and now I tried to send an email and cancel it but actually the email is not good.
    Has anybody managed to sort this out?

  5. I was just billed $382.53 for these products after ordering the trial offer. I cannot get anyone on the phone to reverse these charges but will attempt to have Visa deal with the matter. No product have been received since the trial – I am very upset with this reverse billing!

  6. I have been billed also and a friend of mine..how can they get away with this scam and nothing is done in taking them to court! Can any one tell me how this can be done

  7. Hi to all. After reading all the comments I have thought of forming a group with the a goal in mind of getting InTouch with someone who can help get our money back n take them to court. My name is Staci garratt add me on Facebook but send a message saying 24K and I will add u into a group which it might take me time as I have other commitments but I believe if we all take a stand together we r more likely to b heard and even get our money back. I hope this helps in some way as I like to think I’m a dooer. Best wishes to all and thankyou to the person who put this article together in the first place I hope u don’t mind me doing this but as u can see there seems to b alot of people affected by this scam and I think we should all take a stand together.. Who’s
    with me??

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