Astraea Eye Serum Review – Would we recommend the trial?

Astraea Eye Serum Review – Would we recommend the trial?

If you want to “achieve visibly younger looking skin” then you maybe tempted to sign up to the Astraea Eye Serum trial offer, after-all what have you got to lose?

Well, if this offer is anything like the other trial offers we have reviewed previously, then quite a lot actually.

Trial offers are rarely as good an offer as they appear to be. Many are unproven, and lead onto expensive auto-ship programs.

The following review will look at this offer in more detail, before we come to our final conclusion.

Please read on to ensure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Claimed benefits of Astraea Eye Serum

The claimed benefits are very familiar and have been used before to promote other trial offers, they include:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

By looking more closely at the ingredients used we can gauge just how effective this product truly is.

This is an important stage that should not be skipped.

Ingredients found in Astraea Eye Serum

There is neither a label nor list of ingredients used, which makes it impossible to prove the claimed benefits.

What information we do have is as follows:

  • Whole collagen molecules used
  • Peptide-rich

This is disappointing and leaves me wondering if this product works at all, or if it is even safe to use.

Price of the Astraea Eye Serum

When looking at trial offers you should always spend some time reading any terms and conditions if they are available.

These T&Cs state that you have 14 days from the date you sign up to decide if you wish to keep this product or not. Failure to cancel the trial will mean that a $94.95 charge will be received.

This wont be the end of the charges, as this trial leads onto an auto-ship program. Meaning further monthly deliveries and charges will be sent.

Is the Astraea Eye Serum a scam?

There are a few major issues that prevent me from recommending this offer.

First is the lack of ingredient information that makes it impossible to comment on either its effectiveness or risk of side effects.

The second issue is the high cost, and use of auto-shipping that is surely going to lead to complaints.

I would recommend avoiding this offer, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from that are both more effective and more cost effective.

Contact details for Astraea Eye Serum

The contact details needed to cancel this trial are:

Phone: 1-888-312-6187
Email: support@astraea-eyeserum.com

If you have signed up to this offer and would like to leave your own user review then please reply below using the comment form provided.

Alternative anti-ageing skincare offer

XYZ Smart CollagenXYZ Smart Collagen is our suggested alternative.

This particular product comes highly recommended, with proven anti-ingredients used, offering the following benefits:

  • Lines and wrinkles are reduced
  • Skin moisture is increased
  • Collagen levels are increased naturally

As there is no trial option available you wont have to worry about auto-shipments or hidden charges.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

17 comments on "Astraea Eye Serum Review – Would we recommend the trial?"
  1. To whom it may concern:
    Sorry but your product gave me a rash!
    I ordered a trial size bottle..
    Thank you..
    Linda Bird

  2. Purchased per the ‘hype’ supposedly on ‘Sharks Tank’! Could not find any real proof of it being shown on Sharks Tank, however, I purchased the trial of Eye Serum and was forced to puchase a trial of skin cream for an additional $5.00 plus $2.00 to be sure that you received the trial………….figured it was a ‘scam’ once I was forced to purchase the skin cream and could not cancel it. Received the product and used it for 7 days – has done nothing for my skin. I SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!! WHEN THERE ARE LEGITIMATE COMPANIES MAKING SKIN CARE PRODUCTS, people stating that their product does ‘X, Y, & Z’ is ludicrous! If their creams did what they say they would do – then every major skincare company would be on their doorstep. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF SCAM LIKE THIS!!!!

  3. I ordered the trial had it for two days.
    On the third day my bank called and said the company was billing my card again for the eye serum and the skin cream. in the total of around $170.00.
    I called and told them I did not even have time to give the product a fair try.
    Since they did business like this I did not want their product their reply was I had to pay this amount or it would be turned over to collections.
    Needless to say it is a SCAM

  4. Odered the trial took a week to receive, was gone on vacation and was charged full price for samples…COMPLETE SCAM!!! THEY WILL NOT LET YOU RETURN PRODUCT OR REFUND YOUR MONEY. Do not make my mistake. Contacted customer service and they will do nothing. Product is worthless and I am out $170.

  5. VERY disappointed…the terms are unreasonable. They say to cancel in 14 days, although you have to cancel on the 13th day one day prior to the 14th..WHAT???? They charged my account on 6/30 for the trial..recieved product on 7/03, they charged my account the full amount on 7/12. Well trail for 14 days is NOT TRUE. You don’t even have enough time to say if you like it OR dislike or to see if their is even a difference of your skin (as in not enough days). SCAM!! Beware before you send for your trail, you have to click on the smallest word known to man that says “TERM” at the very bottom of the page. REALLY?

  6. I ordered this product and had it for a week and they took out $94.95 out of my account so I called the company and they said the free trial starts when you order this product. I told them this is false advertisement a 14 day free trial means you try it for 14 days not when you order the product I would advise any one not to trust this company and they also want me to pay to sent the product back to them.sounds like they are being deceitful.

  7. I ordered my $4.95 “free trial sample” with the understanding that it would be a sample with the only cost of shipping. Turns out you charged my bank account with $94.95 instead. I go back to the link from the today show with the trial offer, and it’s no longer there. Interesting…. I see the extra charge on my account, and instead of this business being transparent, they claim that there was a continual cost in the disclosure which I never saw. I checked out and that was it. No terms and conditions or anything of the sort. I go back to the link to make sure I didn’t just get taken and miraculously the link cannot be brought up and I get an error message five times in a row after five attempts. I see charges on my bank account, and I call the 888 number and instead of receiving a refund, I’m promised no further charges and four free bottles of the eye serum and the face cream. Great. Believe it when I see it. Congratulations on having a successful business, but best business practices are being transparent with your customers. I am completely disappointed and will spread the word about this type of behavior. If you want to stand out with your product, why not be up front about the whole “plan” and not just hide it? Be honest instead of stealing money from people. I wish you all the best, but please, change your practice. I expect there will not be another charge to my account, and I expect that the product I have been promised will show up on my doorstep. Confirmation number being C-3252635. Please fix this.
    Thank you,

  8. Scam.. do not order, charge 94.00, They said I could have it for 35% off. Don’t want it.

    Call bank and they will deal with them

    Did not disclose full offer!

  9. I also closed my credit card, Be sure to do that as well!!

  10. I was scammed by the so called trail offer for Astrea My gut told me not to do it. So does Joanna Gaines even know that her name is mud after these scams?? She should be embarrassed. Tried getting my money back BEFORE the 16 day trial~ no go bunch of losers. And please, the size I received I thought WAS the trial size come to find out that was the full size they charge you a fortune for. Sucks to be left with nothing but a almost $200 loss

  11. Same thing happened to me as the other. Ordered trial offer, arrived late, fraud alert issued from my c/c co. Followed up and learned it was Aestraea. When I said I was going to dispute, it disgusted me that she had well thought out script for my threat. We compromised on 50 % off. Somethings better than nothing. BTW: Here first offer was 35 %. Good luck guys!!

  12. I tried the serum and cream trials and have not seen any benefits to it. I broke out at the beginning too.
    When I called them to advise this and that I didn’t want their product they advised I didn’t read the fine print! What would that tell you.. They sent me another shipment of this product automatically and they won’t take it back. I have been automatically charged $184.90 for same!!! So much for free samples… Beware of this company.
    If a company won’t stand by their product and just get you by signing up for the free samples then I don’t have anything good to say. Beware People!!!

  13. absolutely NOT worth the almost 200 $ for face and eye cream-cannot return what came yesterday ( no returns accepted and NOT EVEN OPENED ) trial not given time to really see any result BUT there was ZERO change-do not fall for the trial-they charge your account !!!!

  14. The free trial is a SCAM. I ordered my $4.95 “free trial sample” with the understanding that it would be a sample with the only cost of shipping.

  15. What a scam! I heard that the company that made this new skin cream that had been very successful on Sharktank was giving away free samples. I am not sure how this “Astraea” got its way onto the site for this free sample. I was under the assumption that I was paying shipping charges only for a free sample of the sharktank product. When it came I had forgotten what the name of cream was and just assumed (silly of me, I know, now!) that it was my free sample. I used it for a few days, did not like it particularly – it seemed heavy and cloggy for my skin. Then I saw the charge of $89.95 on my credit card. I disputed it with credit card, they said they would put a request in with company to have charge disputed. I called the astraea company customer service too and was treated like an idiot by the agent. He would not let me speak to a supervisor and was very patronizing. Today, I saw the temporary credit on my card was reversed and was told by credit card agent that I would have to pay it. But it gets worse, because I thought the $89.95 was for the next month’s actual full size jar and was about to call cream place to ask that if I had to pay the amount where was my product? I was thinking that I could at least return it then for a refund. Then I was told by my credit card company that this charge was indeed for the original jar I received – Ugh!!
    I am totally disgusted by these underhand methods this company uses. Even if I liked the cream I would never buy it again. So annoying and upsetting 🙁

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