Anti-Ageing Juice Drinks

Anti-Ageing Juice Drinks

Ageing is a normal part of life, but you can do many things to ward off its effects so that you can look young for as long as possible.

What you put into your body is just as important as the skin care routine that you use each day. There are certain juice combinations that are tasty and they contain nutrients that will keep you looking younger.

Having just one of these juices each day will help you to turn back the clock and improve the health of your skin.

Turnip and Fennel Juice

This juice is packed with skin-healthy vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese. All of these nutrients are important for improving the structure and the tone of your skin.

This wards off issues like wrinkles and ensures that your complexion is bright and even.

Combine the following to create this juice:

  1. Half of a turnip
  2. One whole apple
  3. Three carrots
  4. One fourth of a fennel bulb

Apple and Carrot Juice

This is one of the easiest juices to make, so if you are short on time, reach for this recipe.

This recipe is a little sweet for times when you want something sweet, but you want to avoid junk food.

The carrots contain vitamin A, a nutrient critical for optimal skin health. In fact, many anti-ageing creams and serums contain vitamin A in the form of retinoids to smooth lines and improve the vibrancy of your skin.

Combine these ingredients to make this juice:

  1. Four carrots
  2. One whole apple
  3. Fresh ginger for an additional flavour

Cucumber and Pineapple Juice

Cucumbers are highly water-based, so they improve the pH of the skin and add moisture. They also help to purify the skin so that wastes and toxins below the surface cannot cause problems.

Pineapples contain an ingredient called bromelain. This is an enzyme and fights against inflammation, making this juice ideal for those with acne, eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Use the following to make this drink:

  1. One half of a cucumber
  2. One half of an apple
  3. Four slices of fresh pineapple

Spinach and Parsley Juice

Detoxing is critical for skin that is healthy and glowing. The ingredients in this juice help to reduce water retention to flush impurities from the body.

The spinach contains omega fatty acids, alpha-linoleic acid and linoleic acid. All of these nutrients work to improve the health of the skin and protect it.

Combine the following ingredients:

  1. Four carrots
  2. One handful of parsley
  3. One handful of spinach
  4. One half of an apple

Super Eight Juice

You have surely seen V-8 Juice at the store and read about the various health benefits. It is better to make your own juice at home because you can ensure that it is fresh and not processed.

This juice starts to improve the health of your skin in about week, making it brighter and plumping your skin to fight against wrinkles and lines that are starting to appear.

Combine these ingredients:

  1. One large kale leaf
  2. One large collard leaf
  3. One handful of parsley

It is best to drink two of these juices per day to get the most nutrients for your skin and overall health.

Create a schedule, such as juice in the morning and juice with your dinner, so that it is easy to remember when to have your drink.

You can always add more fruits and vegetables to each of the juices listed above, but it is important that you never omit any of the ingredients unless you have an allergy.

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