Alvera Tone Trial Offer Review – Is this anti ageing cream a scam?

Alvera Tone Trial Offer Review – Is this anti ageing cream a scam?

If you want to “achieve visibly younger looking skin” then you maybe considering signing up for the Alvera Tone trial offer.

It makes a number of rather impressive sounding claims, but can these claims be believed?

The following review will look more closely at this offer. Not only to see what benefits it really offers, but also to ensure we know exactly what we are signing up for.

Trial offers have a bad reputation online, with many people calling them a scam. What is the truth?

Claimed benefits of Alvera Tone

Using Alvera Tone is claimed to offer the following user benefits:

  • Brighten skin’s appearance
  • Restore your radiant, firmer skin
  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines

To check how accurate these claims are we will need to look more closely at the ingredients that have been used.

Ingredients found in Alvera Tone

Unfortunately there is very little ingredient information to be found on the Alvera Tone website.

There is no label available and no list of ingredients shown either.

What we have is the following statements:

  • Whole collagen molecules used
  • The formula is “peptide rich

Even though these statements are impressive sounding they mean very little in reality, which leaves me wondering if any real benefit can be gained from using this product.

Price of Alvera Tone

When it comes to trial offers like Alvera Tone you should always take your time to read through any terms and conditions, so that you are aware of what you are signing up for.

Usually there is a small shipping fee to entice you into signing up for the offer. You will then have a set period of time to try out the product before you are charged again.

Sometimes this second charge is as much as $100.

You will find that trial offers will usually lead onto an auto-ship program, meaning that further monthly packages will be sent to you. Of course every additional package will be charged at full price.

Is Alvera Tone a scam?

There is very little to recommend about Alvera Tone. Its claims are unproven and it is also too expensive.

I would recommend that you look for an alternative.

Contact details for Alvera Tone

Due to the difficulty of cancelling trial offers I would recommend speaking directly to your bank to stop any additional charges coming out of your account.

If you have signed up for this offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment with your own review below.

Alternative to Alvera Tone

XYZ Smart CollagenOur chosen alternative is a anti-ageing skin care product called XYZ Smart Collagen.

It is made from ingredients that have been shown to boost collagen production, while also helping to slow down the rate that it is broken down.

Benefits on offer include:

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter skin
  • A younger appearance

XYZ Smart Collagen is not available for trial, so you don’t need to worry about encountering any hidden charges or unwanted auto-shipments.

Click Here to read our full review of XYZ Smart Collagen >>

21 comments on "Alvera Tone Trial Offer Review – Is this anti ageing cream a scam?"
  1. I want to cancel my auto payments but the number listed is not connected. Do you have a number that I can call to cancel this product.

    With thanks

  2. Yes this a total scam which will deduct $270.00 Au every month after you receive your “free trial”. I have been duped in the meanest way with this “company”. When I discovered the debits totalling $270, I immediately cancelled my credit card and the bank opened a dispute with the company. The same day, I rang Alvera Tone Cream customer service and after a very long conversation, they cancelled any future orders. I insisted on a full refund – was given authorisation numbers and told to return the products to Singpore ( cost me $28.00) and my refund would be deposited back into my account – as soon as I forwarded on the tracking Number for the parcel – within 7 DAYS.
    Well wouldn’t you know………Neither email or phone contact has been successful. The customer service number is always engaged ( perhaps they have blocked me ? And they have not replied to my emails. So now I am also out of pocket for sending the items back and have been charged $270 for two items I no longer have. Disgusting , NO ETHICS AT ALL !

    • i am in the same situation – can you please tell me how you contacted the company. I am in Australia and have’n’t been able to find a telephone/contact numbers for the company.

    • Hi there…Omg…

      I have the same issue,my product arrive today,29/01/2019..and it took like forever..over 2 and half weeks I feel so ripped off!

    • I answered an ad for a sample of face cream. I gave them my card number to pay postage ,they did take the postage and more. This morning i found that they had taken 100 euro from my account. , half my pension. my bank said its my fault and they can do nothing. Anne O’Sullivan.

  3. I also got scammed. Took $290 out of my bank account. Tried to call numbers, non exist. Spoke to AAAC and placed a complaint. Also, immediately stopped my credit card for any future orders which I didn’t sign up for.
    Disgusting.…………….. people and hope they rot in hell. This isn’t the last time they will be hearing from me, and I’m not going to stop until they get their just deserts. Looking into media coverage on this one. ‘NO MORALS WHAT SO EVER’

  4. Yes, my bank confirmed that this is a scam. Apparently receive hundreds of calls per day. Most ppl don’t receive product. Those who do, but decide to return, still get charged just under $300 per month. Company is in Asia, not Australia as the ad would have you believe.

  5. This is a complete scam. Alvera Tone only mentioned the ongoing deduction (which is a LOT more than the amount paid for the samples) in the small print when the samples arrived.

    They then took almost $300 out of my bank account. I rang 3 different numbers to contact them there was no answer; the line dropped off several times so I suspect the phone lines don’t exist.

    I have reported them to the bank, cancelled my card and will report them to ACCC.

    PS The product made my skin break into little red spots, so I will NEVER recommend using the product!

  6. Received this product outside of the 14 day trial which would have cancelled same.Tried contacting these people by three separate emails to stop any payment until I trailed it and have received no answer. Also no phone contact or return address to deal with this any further. On my way to the bank to stop any further payment.

    • WARNING this is a clever scam. They advertise for a trial offer of the cream Alvera Tone without no info about the catch that’s is going to follow on delivery. Once you receive the cream, that its conveniently shipped after 14 days from the order, you read inside the package that if you are not happy about the product you must return it “within 14 days from the order” ….?otherwise you credit card is going to be charged every month for $141. Bear in mind that neither on the letter nor on the package there is a valid address or phone number to contact. On the letter there is a phone numbers for Australia and one for NZ to make it appear a legitimate company but no one answer or they are always engaged. After hours of useless trying I decided to put a zero in front of the non existent Australian number and a woman in Singapore answer. To cut a long story short, I have now returned the cream, with a tracking number, to a PO Box in Singapore and received assurance that my ‘account’ is now closed. My bank has been informed and I am now monitoring the charges. Let’s hope I don’t have to cancel my credit card just before Christmas.

  7. Wanted to cancel the order 10 minutes after placing it because I read the fine print and realised there were no free samples and on going purchases! I rang the number supplied … No answer … no surprise! I immediately rang my bank and cancelled my card! This is obviously a scam… the contractual obligations are well hidden and come up after you supply your bank details only if you search for them. There is no free sample… lies lies lies!

  8. Hello again, since replying I’ve had a couple of calls left on my phone from a automated message saying I’m being sued etc etc. Tracked the number and it’s the same scammers from Alvera Tonne SCAM. When you call the number its saying disconnected. I’ve made a report and spoke with ACCC. Also, don’t get SCAMMED again as they have another cream called Dermavix, same web page just slightly different. What Creeps they are…….

  9. SCAM***** WARNIG**** read above comments …. it’s true…. be aware …

  10. Yes, a definite scam. The product comes from Switzerland, the blurb has a US freecall number. It tells you to use a “pea to dime size amount” (dime?) The Australian phone number is disconnected. I phoned the NZ one and spoke to a man with (I think) an Indian accent. Got my “cancellation numbers” over the phone, plus sent by email. I have sent my “free” samples back to, guess where? Singapore. Costing A$28 with tracking. As they will not get the package within the time, I am waiting for my credit card to be debited with A$138 and A$141 for my “free” samples. I am now monitoring my credit card statements daily. Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware!

  11. Absolutely a scam, was told that the product was delivered via an Australian warehouse do why the return to a Singapore address???. I had no problems getting on to the phone number in Australia and was offered all sorts of discounts etc which were totally refused.
    Didn’t even open the ‘free trial’ & returned the package as requested, have advised credit card provider to block any charges from Alvera.

  12. I also was scammed with these products. I received them just short of the 14 days called to say I wanted to return them Had a call back that could not answer and I then tried to call them back but no answer so sent an email to say I wanted to return the products but had no reply and then of course they debited the full amounts from Credit card. Found another email address and advised again I wanted to return product and funny but this time received a reply advising that I had not replied to message and now too late to return the products!! My bank is now looking in to this

  13. Unfortunately we can confirm that we too fell for this “free Trial” offer and were just charged $145 for I don’t know what. Immediately called my bank but since we provided our credit card no initially to pay for the free $4.99 trial (which they shipped and duly charged) the bank will not do much in regard to getting ones unauthorised money returned.
    The provided tel numbers are useless but I found an email address based in England.
    Karla Waygood at ‘n.americanwhitetail.gmail.com’ which I will try but with little hope.
    Another way may be to complain to the Australian Government site: econsumer.gov.com.au
    Regardless of this lesson learned I have cancelled my credit card as well. Darn inconvenience nevertheless.

  14. Complete scam, I have the same story as written above here. I ordered the 4.99 trial and it tooks weeks before it came. Then they charged, even before the package arrived 141$ from my account and I called them to get a refund. Extremely difficult conversation with unfriendly helpdesk, I have sent the package back to them, tracking/sending costs 22$. I have called by bank, had to cancel my card and get a new one. JUST DON’T BUY THIS CREAM! I feel very stupid that I went into this scam..

  15. Oh .. I really feel duped.. I thought I had won a FREE trial… like a sample.. 200 euro gone.. I have done the bank thing and made the calls .. product did not arrive for weeks.. after trial time.. 2 days later money taken.. yes complained to bank.. card is stopped now.. but ahhhhhh… I cant believe they can do this and also there seem to be using well know Irish personalities who are retirement age to promote it on FB.. The would not give me return address,. said they will refund 25%, I will see, Buggers

    • All the above is true – I too feel silly for falling for it, but saw on Instagram (in New Zealand) during the holidays, and they too used a celebrity endorsement. I didn’t think much about it until it arrived (while I was away) but definitely over the ’14 day’ period stated on the small print WITH THE PRODUCT not anywhere before then! They are very clever scammers as I thought it very weird that the only thing they wrote on the confirmation email was about ‘friendly fraud’ and to not commit it – so BEWARE of this product and don’t fall for it!

      I too wrote an email immediately to cancel after reading the cost of the trial samples AU$141 and AU$138 for the ‘add-on’ product they included at the last second on my order. I was amazed that my credit card had not yet been charged, as the 14 day period had expired even before I received it! So I had my card cancelled and the bank were great as the charges for the postage came from two different sources, which is another sign of scammers. I tried their phone number but it too went to message telling to email – this was the same message both before and after hours stated they were open.

      I just received an email yesterday, but only after the funds had not cleared, stating that the charge was unable to be made and would I please have it paid but they would give me a 25% discount if I did so!
      They have probably ‘bought’ higher priority rights to internet searches on these products in case anyone does search them before buying, so I’m hoping this helps spread the word.

      Not surprisingly, their post is nowhere to be found back on those dates on Instagram.
      I’ve wasted enough time on these people, but just hope someone reads this before falling for them…just remember there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE TRIAL!

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