Is the Alvena anti-ageing trial a scam?

Is the Alvena anti-ageing trial a scam?

Alvena is another anti-ageing cream made available for trial, but is it worth signing up for?

In this review we will look at the cream and the offer before we decide whether you should sign up for the offer or not.

Claimed benefits of Alvena

Alvena promises to help with the following:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Remove age spots
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Improve hydration
  • Smooth your face
  • Increase collagen production
  • Cleanse your pores
  • Reduce the signs of ageing

There will no doubt be people who will sign up for this offer based purely on these benefits. But I would suggest that you read on to see if there is anything you should know before signing up.

What is Alvena made from?

Alvena contains the following ingredients:

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A), Palmitoyl Tripeptide and Collagen.

With this information at hand I can certainly see some benefit to using this product. Of course whether we would recommend it remains to be seen.

First we would need to find out just how much the product is.

How much does the trial really cost?

As a trial you may not be expecting to pay much for this product, however this is not the case.

When you first sign up for the offer a small charge will be made ($2.95), which is to cover the cost of postage.

Just 14 days later though another charge will be made to your account. This time for a quite unbelievable $144.85.

As with most trial offers these days, once you sign up you will also soon discover that further monthly packages will be sent out to you as you have also signed up to an auto-ship program.

Is the Alvena trial a scam?

Most trial offers are simply not worth your time due to their high price, and this trial offer is no different.

It is simply too expensive, so despite being made from some beneficial ingredients my suggestion to you would be to look for a more cost effective alternative.

How to cancel the Alvena trial?

To cancel your trial before being charged the full amount I would suggest that you phone the following number: 855-583-0220

There is also an option to cancel online (at the very bottom of their website), as well as an email address: clientsupport@alvenaskin.com

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review, please do so be leaving a comment below.

Is there an alternative to Alvena?

If you are looking for an alternative to Alvena then my suggestion would be the Evolution Slimming Anti-Ageing Skincare Bundle available from Evolution Slimming.

This package offers numerous anti-ageing benefits. For example:

  • Brighter more vibrant skin
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Reduced wrinkles/crows feet
  • Reduced puffiness around eyes
  • Increases firmness of skin
  • Smoother skin around eyes, forehead, neck and mouth

As this bundle is unavailable for trial, you need only pay the price listed. There are no hidden or repeat charges to worry about.

Click here to read the full review!

118 comments on "Is the Alvena anti-ageing trial a scam?"
  1. Hi,

    Refer to order no 57238, I received your product and it looks very dangerous for use. They are very poorly label. I had not even like to open them and risk my health. There is no expiry date mentioned, no country of make mentioned.

    I paid charges of $1.96 against this sample and I am not liable to any more charges for anything. Finally, cancel all transactions/orders immediately, if we have any and except these delivery charges of $1.96 refund me all the money if you ever charged on my account and mark me as one of the very unsatisfied consumer of your product.

    Waiting for your compliance and response on priority.



    • Saira, I suggest you use the contact information provided above to contact Alvena as this website has no association with them. 🙂

    • This is totally a scam!! How do I get the money back that they charged without telling me? Has anyone had any luck with that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • This is a SCAM!!!!!! They charged by cc as well. ugh……. idiot for thinking i was safe

        • I was scammed. Cancelled one day late and sure enough 210 Canadian dollars taken. Refused to give money back so I’m suing. Anyone what in?

          • I was stupid enough to believe that when it said only pay shipping that that was what they meant. I didn’t read the Terms of Agreement and it cost me $400 for the two items because I didn’t return them within two weeks. Once you are BILLED it’s too late to return! I tried everything to get a refund but no luck. They cover themselves in the CONDITIONS. I CANCELLED future billing and items that they automatically continue to send and bill. TD VISA told me to make sure I have an e-mail to confirm cancellation in case they continue to bill. If you are suing, you will have no luck, many have tried but they have themselves covered! I had no luck with a refund!

          • I was caught also, got ripped OFF for $210 cnd dollars

            Serge Goyette

          • I’m im the same boat as you. Seems like nothing can be done because I didn’t read the terms and conditions.

          • I was taken in as well 395.41 Canadian. I thought I was only paying the freight for the promotional items

          • The same thing has just happened to me. I was unaware of any subscription and was charged close to $400. I disputed it with mastercard but to no avail. I can’t even afford to pay the $400 and am devastated!

          • I was taken for a lot, tons of money was leaving another’s account via my card, both companies have ‘closed my account’ with them after I complained, but I’m going to cut off access to that account via my card to ensure no more can leave, as I do not want to risk loosing more. What else can I do It’s a lot of CDN $ to loose …

          • I fell for the same scam. I only recieved one small jar and nothing else. They also refused to refund my money. 300.00 dollars for a 3oz jar. Rip offed good . Regards Patricia

          • keep on fighting – i got the amounts removed from my account through ombudsman of my bank

      • I really thought is was a free sample………I know silly me ! I received the product and after a few weeks I started to wonder about the fact they had my credit card number and I didn’t want this product. So, I called and canceled told them not to use my card !!! LOLOL, again silly me. They already charged $329. dollars onto my card for my SO CALLED FREE TRIAL !!! I called my bank and they have laws if you were unaware and tried to cancel the bank will stop the company from ever dealing with that bank. Yes, I did get my money back and credited to my account………..NOT SO SILLY , ME !

        I did learn a lesson nothing is for FREE ! Don’t do it they are a scam !

        • You got a refund? By calling your bank?? Even with them covering their own butts with the terms and conditions?

          • Ithought this was a free trial and was unaware that the company would charge me.
            I wish to block this site (blockquote cite=”.

          • the bank for the affected account only said they can stop the payments going out, not help you get a refund

        • I’m glad you made out ok. I came across their free scam today (before I came across these comments) and ordered these free samples for my wife. The shipping charges already showed up on my credit $1.96 and $2.99. I had a funny feeling about the whole thing so contacted my credit card company and talked to a security officer with CIBC Visa. He knew immediately about these 2 sister companies. Told me I was stuck with the shipping charges ($4.95) and red flagged any further charges they may try to charge. He also cancelled my card as a extra measure. All this on a Sunday, some Valentine Day. Most credit card companies will protect the consumer and as you have stated call your bank. It amazes me how long they have been doing this and getting away with it.

          • This is a total scam Everything that is ment65ioned above happened to me I got dinged $400,00+ for crap that I do not even want TRYING to talk to their customer service people is
            frustrating Best to cancel your credit card I see above that someone has referred them to the fraud dept of the RCMP

        • How can I get the phone number fthat you called I was frauded for 800$ can

        • Please email CTV Toronto to tell them about the scam to help get rid of it. The phone numbers for duaderma is 1 855-221-9822 and for Alvena 1-855-222 1591 to cancel. You will have to cancel your credit card and get a new one.

        • Can you please let me know how I can ask TD to give me back money.there was only 100$in my account and instead of 140$they charged me 100$.I asked TD for investigation and waiting for their call and results.can you tell me more about which rule they use or any document they provided,so if TD tell me they won’t give the money back,I can say that for your case they did that.maybe it helps

      • This is the problem I have, they charged my credit card for 169.75 and 196.79 and said that they can’t reimburse me because I went over the 14 days. I didn’t know there was a deadline that they make so small that no one can see it. Also, everytime I call the company with two different numbers, I get the same person. How can you get the same person with two different numbers everytime you call. I told her I want to talk to someone higher than you and they said there is no one else here that will give you your money back. Talk about pissed off right now.

        • I also ordered this product with the idea that it was only shipping charges. My bank called me about the charges which were close to $400.00 as they were suspicious of them. (I ordered two products). They told me to respond to the email I received from them. I demanded my money back as I hadn’t signed up for this. I received a call the next day from them. I was told to set up a three way call with my bank security and them. They finally refunded me half the money and my bank credited me with $50.00 on each product. Don’t give up. Call your credit card company. Good luck

      • I ordered the trial cream,then 6 days later a charge of $129,36 was taken from my
        account on Feb 26th, And yes it is a scam.I called them to cancel any more orders but
        cannot get my money back.

      • I too have been scammed for a total of $791.11. Despite numerous calls they are not willing to assume responsibility and are, in fact, quite snippy with me. I did not receive an email giving the details of the “contract” and was shocked when I became aware of the price. I wouldn’t spend that in two years. My understanding was that it was a trial size that I could keep and if I wanted to order additional cream to contact them. I haven’t slept in four nights worrying about this and how to pay this amount. I’m really angry being victimized too!

    • Please email CTV in Toronto to tell them about this scam so we can get rid of it. thank you

    • call the BBB asap file a complaint o their website they have a BBB rating of F



  2. i am beening charded on my visa for $118.13 pluse $116.86 for this stuff and i never bouth this this is bull shit

  3. BEWARD OF THIS SCAM – for Alvena and also for Duaderma, or any name with these letters. These 2 products are offered on a pop up ad and it says all you have to obtain these trial offers is pay for postage & handling – $6.95
    A couple of weeks later, you will see on your credit card the following charges:
    for Alvena $197.51 and for Duaderma $124.95. In your mail box there is a delivery of 2 small boxes with the product – a no name bottle with no ingredients or manufacturer listed.
    These 2 merchants will not take the product back for a full refund.
    ***THERE IS NO REFUND****. You are not happy with the product and you certainly are shocked to see the price on your credit card. Both merchants have 6 different phone numbers so when you call you get the runaround, and told not to send the products back as there is no refund. Sure they will oblige you and cancel any future deliveries and charges on your credit card, but you are stuck for a total amount of $322.46 US funds, so Canadians don’t forget to add in the exchange rate which brings it closer to $400.00.
    Not a bad money maker for these scammers and they make millions off of us. Call your bank and cancel your credit card, and get a new number, so they won’t charge you again.

    • Also got scammed, makes you feel like an idiot for falling for this Scam which I can’t afford. Makes dealings with USA who are suppose to be our neighbours sick to my stomach. Good bye USA you lost a customer.

      • Hey, it’s not the fault of the USA ! There are scams even in Canada……I know I live in Canada. I called TD Bank and they got my money back into my account.


      don’t BE FOOL PEOPLE!!
      BE AWARE.

  4. I ordered a sample few days ago it came to my door the very next day it does not look good at all the order number 102277. I would like to cancel before I get billed a large amount. Hoe can I cancel this, I don’t see nowere to cancell my order. any help willbe greatly appreciated.

    • You will need to contact Alvena using the details posted in the above review.

    • Clientsupport@alvenaskin.com and clientsupport@duaderma.com
      USA company in Maine. They will not refund or take back. VERY LARGE SCAM. I have cancelled my visa and spoken on phone twice but no cooperation.

    • the numbers are 18552219822 or 18552221591. I emailed a Toronto news station to investigate so others won’t fall for it. If other people do the same maybe the news stations will comply. I also asked Microsoft not to allow them to advertise. We need to all jump on the bandwagon to stop this. spread the news and help. Complain to the people who can do something about this like I am trying to do.

  5. Signed up for Alvena free sample on Oct. 14 on the page where there was no information about any further shipping or cancellation. On Oct. 29 my credit card was charged $196.90. Called them and they claimed that full disclosure was on their ordering page. Went back to that link and it says 404 Page not found. Bottom line: huge scam and money pumping business. Extortion in a glass jar. Stay away from this company

  6. Yes, I joined the club of the face cream scam. I clicked for a free sample with the cost of postage thinking this was a Canadian company as the large highlighted icon at top of page stated for Canadians Only. And yes I received the two products 5 days later from North York, ON. So still no light bulb went off until on day 11 of having the product my visa was charged 124.95 USA dollars for the Duaderma and 144.85 for the Alvina. This converted in total to 366.17 Canafian dollars for two face creams. My God, I felt sick, as a senior I can’t afford this for face cream. Contacted my visa and cancelled my card so no further charges would happen. Emailed the company asking what this was as I thought I was getting a free trial but was told that if I had read the terms and conditions I would have been aware of the membership I had signed up for, Huh, what the hell is this? Sorry no refunds, they cancelled any further delivery but guess who is stuck paying 366. Dollars. Emailed them back stating that I didn’t have the product 14 days yet. There comment, by phone, they can’t keep track of when the Canadian holding company shipped and I was suppose to contact them to add extra days on to my 14 day trial. So hitting a brick wall in getting a refund. Thus company is based in Maine, USA and will plead with any one who reads this to NOT order these products it is a very uncooperative company with un-scrupulous business practise. The people I spoke to had no compassion, they recited terms and conditions. NEVER EVER AGAIN! Unfortunately this has me second guessing reliable Companies as you never can tell ahead of a scam. So there you go, good old USA, land of the strong and free. Thanks for reading this, don’t get caught on a company getting rich on a SCAM.

  7. Please stop sending me this product. I will inform my credit card not to pay you anymore.
    I have not ordered this product and I will keep this stuff. So no more.
    Karin Frampton

  8. This is a scam!!!! I was charged for Alvena and DuaDerma on my cc. Wasn’t even 14 days. Online thieves….. Idiot for thinking I was getting something for “free”

  9. this is a scam. when i saw in the internet, nothing said like i have to do anything, they just have the option pick the trial, fill your information and the next page was payment. nothing tell i have to cancel or anything

  10. This was suppose to be a free trial not an engagement to receive this product every month.very desapointed and do not want to receive anything any moore.Please cancel averything or I will report you as scam to the reliable sources .Send me an email with my cancelation number.

    • Hi Lisa, the contact details for this company are in the above review. I suggest you contact them, not leave a message here as this website is not related to them.

  11. SCAMMERS ….. LOW LIFES…..imagine the workers who are even more clueless im pretty sure they cannot get better jobs so they are sucked in the CEOs scam…only if they knew better….go to school get better jobs instead of settling low life middle to low class workers

  12. November 23, 2015 Alberta Canada SCAM ! SCAM!!! A very expensive lesson for all of us!!! It’s unfortunate that we did not thoroughly research this BEFORE we ended up here to blast their unscrupulous business practices.

    I was on-line shopping Oct.13th/15 and the Avena + Duaderma ad appeared complete with testimonials, before and after photos plus banners of “LAST CHANCE” + “HURRY before the free trial runs out” + payment in Canadian Dollars.

    Like a fool, I ordered online with my credit card + mailing info and the product arrived in a brown box within a week.

    The shock came today when I received my credit card statement and saw the charge of $197.20 for Alvena and $170.10 for Duaderma – A total of $367.30!!!!! There were also shipping charges totally $9.26 that were expected as part of the free trial.

    I immediately phoned VISA and was told by the rep that she receives at least 2 calls a day regarding this business. I was in a hurry to cancel my credit card and was told NOT to do this but instead phone directly to the companies to cancel. I was told that even if you cancel your current credit card and are issued a NEW card they still have access AND if you think you can just completely cancel your credit card, these companies WILL continue to bill and it will show up against your credit score and you will be on the hook for repayment and a bad credit rating.

    YES…they are TWO different companies (sister companies) but you must cancel BOTH Alvena and Duaderma!!! On your credit card bill you will notice the phone numbers alongside the name – ALVENA 855-292-4410 and DUADERM 844-729-5909. FYI – both are toll free numbers where you will find robot like reps who repeat themselves and offer no help. You will not be compensated.

    I phoned Alvena to cancel and return the product but was told my 14 days had expired and the charges would stand. It was a repeat of I’m sorry, we can’t do anything, the policy stands, yada, yada, yada. Supervisors have no authority to offer a goodwill gesture of even a partial refund and there is NO direct line to the corporate offices. How convenient is that for these crooks?? I did receive verbal confirmation of my cancellation to Alvena and mentioned that I also received a Duaderma product and she was able to verbally confirm she could process this cancellation as well. I was informed an email would arrive to my inbox within 48-72 hours with written cancellation confirmation, but still not satisfied, I asked for the “ORDER CANCELLATION” numbers that were associated with the transactions and received both.

    I asked if I could have the phone number of the Corporate Office to speak with a Manager and was told they don’t have a direct line. OMG. Really? Laughable.

    I did ask and received mailing addresses for both companies:

    Alvena Corporate Office – 4026 Kennett Pike Suite 55692 Wilmington Delaware 19807
    Duaderma – 6170 Westlake Mead Blvd. Suite 45709 Las Vegas Nevada 89108

    Please folks, stay far, far away from these companies. They practice deception. The product is total crap and would not sustain in open market so they have resorted to mastering nefarious ads to lure the innocent.

    The following is a message to the social networkers who scan websites on behalf of the two companies mentioned above…I know you will read this and I want you to pass this along to your CEO who hides from your customers.
    Shame on you, shame on each and every one of you!!! How do you work for a company that practices deception and feel good about yourself? I have no respect for you. I have faith in the universe that you will be met with double the deception you partake in. Like a boomerang it will return to you.

    • Ditto goes for me. Alvena rep told me she was from Maine so I have drafted a letter to the Attorney general’s office in Portland to see what they can do.

      • NEVER, NEVER, EVER!!, will I believe in anything that pops-up on my screen!!, and those products mention Dr, OZ and another bunch of celebrities as backing-up those products, SHAME ON THEM!, I received the FREE SAMPLES?, I just received the bill from my bank and there they are !195.00CAN. for a product that I have not ordered!, contacted my bank immediately, they will be phoning me back, I won’t accept those charges!!, especially when the banks and credit cards institutions are aware of those scams; so here we are, big corporations (banks and credit cards) accepting dealings with scam artists to keep bleeding the common folk!!, I am sooooooooo mad!!

  13. Nothing but a scam!! I bit for it with a free trail and the company refuses to do anything for us..RIP OFF …..$300.00 later and no one will do anything about it…got the product and sent it back and paid 25.00 to ship back,i was well under the 14 day trial..ignorant people,but hey,they got what they wanted…i just hope that people review this before touching it it with a 10 foot pole.Shame on this company to take advantage of the seniors.

  14. SCAM OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE!!!! This company is ruthless, if this is how you have to get business by literally stealing from people, shame on you, and it doesn’t say much for your product. I will report Alvena and Duaderma to every agency (RCPM Fraud Unit, the Better Business Bureau and The CIRB) in Canada for your unethical business practices.

    I fell for the same thing, the “free trial” pop ups appeared on my computer screen, as I was looking for something else totally not related to skin care products. My biggest question is how does this DESPICABLE company infiltrate our computers. Why has nothing been done to shut them down? How do we collectively from our mistakes put a RED ALERT on these sister companies. How dare they take advantage of people is this manner.

    These companies are full fledged THIEVES. The “free trial” and just pay the shipping, is their of scamming to get your credit card number, before you realize it, they have just robbed you our almost $400.00. There product must so bad that they won’t even take it back, no guarantee of any kind.

    Just like others, I called my credit card company reporting unauthorized charges on my account, they asked if I’ve agreed to a “free trial” of some skin care products and that I need to directly contact the company.

    I immediately contact Alvena and advised them of the situation, they were obviously well versed in the response the gave me. That I agreed to the TERMS and CONDITIONS, when I checked the box to receive the ” free trial”, I advised that I was certainly not made aware the amount of money that would be charged to my account, nor did I receive an email
    confirmation of any kind stating the agreement nor did the shipping box include any documentation in this regard. The TRICKS and CONDITIONS were not enclosed in the package, no phone number, no reminder or disclosure of any kind.

    These companies need to make things right with the people they ripped off. Or at the very least, change their unfair business practices and enclose some documentation in the package explaining the terms and conditions and where and when to call to cancel, If you are unaware they will TAKE ADVANTAGE of anyone or everyone they can.


    The staff (including a manager) were programmed to argue that I agreed and it stated their was no refund or guarantee on these products, I can imagine the calls they receive on a daily basis. These unfair business practices need to be STOPPED immediately.

    I recommend ANYONE that has been scammed by these companies to contact the authorities and make formal complaints. Maybe by coming together we can repay this company with as much heartache and hardship they subjected us to, by sucking us in to the “free trial”, this company deserves to be SHUTDOWN.

    • Totally agree, we need to do something, they r into to so much on Facebook, please get them off Facebook, stag them off, think that’s the only way, feel sad people have been conned into this scam.

  15. Fell for exactly the same rip off. Thought we were paying for P&P and got charged about £265.00 for products. Phoned the company when they said I had re-ordered and were about to send more and charge my credit card again for the same amount which would have happened every 30 days. Have an email saying that order has been cancelled but need to keep an eye on it. This company are nothing but con merchants. There is NO free trial just a 14 day period to assess the product and cancel your subscription otherwise your card is charged again and again whether you want the product or not.

  16. This is a ridiculous scam. I was charged over $200 for a product I have never used and never will. Their customer service is a joke. I’ll never fall for another one of these “free” trials again.

  17. My wife did the same mistake, but for us the company are bella genix and alvena. So i cancel both by phone and i did receive a cancellation number by phone. My question is, are respecting this cancelation or they will still send there crap ? Should she cancel her card? Oh last point, if you think service was bad! try to get it in french. it was a real joke!

    • Cancel your credit card right away and get a new one. If your bank won’t help you, get a credit card from another bank and tell them why.

      • Don’t just cancel and get a new one, because you will still be on the hook with the new one. cancel it period and if your bank won’t help you like mine didn’t change to a new bank and insist they change their policy towards these scams. Don’t forget, the banks still make their interest.

  18. SCAM
    They did not clearly state I would be charged over 200 dollars Canadian anywhere that was easy to read. When I called to complain and get my money back I argued for over half an hour before the representative offered to send only half back. I feel so damn stupid for falling for something like this. To top it off? I HATE the product. its feels terrible, smells bad, and doesn’t seem to have any affect. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  19. I am deeply sorry that all you innocent people have been victimized by these unimaginable fraudsters! The utter audacity!! Thank you for informing the public about these criminal thieving shysters because I was about to become a victim myself! Something told me to check up on them and read some reviews before accepting their offer. So glad I did, now that I see it was all a bunch of false pretence and trickery. Wow!

    Please don’t let these people away with this. You all need to pool together and take these quick-change-artists to court. They are total low-life criminals who need to be brought to justice. I wish you all luck and pray you all get you money back somehow. Something needs to be done to stop these parasites.

    Good luck!

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES! I was a fool and decided to try it but only put in my order 30 mins ago. Because of your honesty and posts, I was actually able to cancel WITHOUT charges to my cc… this is ONLY because I read this and cancelled same day. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN. These people are relentless! You should have heard all the ridiculous price adjustments and “discounts” they were willing to offer me so I wouldn’t cancel. I continued to cut off the sales pitch and said, “NO, Cancel now thank you!” I must’ve repeated this 6 times before the robotic saleswoman finally took the hint. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your information. I will update again if I do see charges on my cc.

    I am truly sorry for those of you who have had money stolen from these companies – just awful! Never again will I believe any of these “free trial offers” online. Makes me so angry that they will prey on our desire to improve ourselves. Disgusting.

  21. Feel like an idiot. I also got scammed but it goes even further, it looks like they may have sold my credit card info as I have had several unauthorized charges for other things since then. I have had to cancel my credit card, had to pay the minimum amount for that crap they sent me also, a very painful experience. I never thought I would get scammed, I am so careful, I read everything. If it wasn’t for a site like this , I would not have not to cancel each product separately…another few hundred dollars! Those pop ups should not be allowed, mine was on Yahoo, those sites should be more careful…I am so maaaddd!

    Please folks stay FAR FAR away from these folk. Just hope that people review this before touching it with a 10 foot pole.
    I advise that I was certainly not made aware the amount of money that would be taken from my cc nor did I receive an email.


    • Never order anything from these companies. I was another person who fell into the trap, I ordered their free trial products at roughly 1:30pm on a Sunday, and cancelled my request at about 10:30pm the same day to both companies. I received two separate emails the next day informing me that future automatic product deliveries would be cancelled c/w a return number for each product I had ordered. I phoned each co.mid morning on Monday to request confirmation that the free sample order had been stopped before being shipped to avoid any charges to my c/c but they said they had already had shipped the products and that there was no way to avoid the shipping charges and the original product delivery, and was informed that if I did not return the products within 7 days of the order, I would be charge the the full price of each product. Note, I had not yet even got any of the products, but that the 7 day return deadline would still stand. I have been in contact with the c/c co.re;stopping any further charges and arranging credits too my account.

      These companies must be stopped. If you have found a way, please post it so others won’t be scammed.

  23. Huge scam. They have stolen almost $300 from me with their fake sample scam. Two weeks later they will charge you almost $300 for unwanted and undelivered product.

  24. Hi I almost got scammed so cancelled my card and talked to the fraud department, so they are going after them.

    • Was the fraud department at the bank?

      • i woke up this morning to pay rent 400 dollars gone i cancelled after recieved trial not a fan of the product i would like my money returned on the way to bank now to charge with fraud DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY i now have to go change bank accounts thieves put my money back today thank you Sherri Hiemstra

  25. yes they are all those thing that people say well the toke $ 227.00 can $ from me i am
    80 year old i order the alvena cream free $ 1.99 shipping 11 days latter on my mc isee a charchge of $ 227.00 i buth it for a friende she is 62 she tryed it and her face broke out in rush
    foor 3 days she is considering sueing alvena well that is all i have to say i well never buy
    another product from a american co they all bottom feeders and lood suckers

  26. Do not order this. It’s a scam. Period. Contact your bank if funds have been taken out.

  27. all you have to do is threaten with a small claims court action, prepare the documentation for whatever amount you wish (charge thousands for misrepresentation and emotional damage and suffering), email or fax a copy of the claim and you’ll get your money refunded. You have to telephone also and raise hell.

  28. Ordered free 14 day trial, but, not until AFTER MAKING PAYMENT BY VISA, are you being told in fine print, you are now subscribed to a monthly charge of some 147 $…. you can cancel by phoning ect…. well, make sure you phone a PERSON NOT AUTOMATIC CANCELING… I hade a 2 day fight with them and Visa, did not even receive the free trial yet und they wanted to charge my return shipping plus some $ 32 for remainder of the 30 day, not 14 day trial… U refused and cancelled my Visa…..before I could be charged any more. If you wait till after the 14 day (starting day of order) you are out of luck! A total scam in my opinion!!!!

  29. Another scam! Product is crap. Do not order online at free.ca ever. Nothing is free or for cost of postage. Another consumer scamed!

  30. I saw the same ad, and put the information in for the sample product. I have barely had the product a few days and they took $400 out of my account for MORE of their product. I wrote one company and demanded they cancel everything immediately. Thank you for putting up the reviews – I have to go cancel the other one. I’m so shocked and embarassed that I got scammed as well. How can they do this without someone trying to stop them??? It has to be illegal…. I haven’t even opened the samples yet. This is just so disheartening.

    • Take to a postal outlet with address unknown wrote all over it and let them pay the postage back for their junk. Give them a taste of their own deception. Contact your credit card or bank and explain you have fallen victim to their scam immediately. Hope this helps.

      • they are not accepting returns without RMA number, so you supposed to get this number before you send back. RMA connected with your Order # and Address.
        The question is: Should you bother at all to sent those samples back?!!!

  31. yes indeed SCAM SCAm SCAM!!!!!!

  32. don’t even dare to try the trial or else they keep on charging your credit card for a very high price without any notice,,,and they hide contact number….SCAM SCAM!!!!! #sayNO to alvena

  33. Biggest scam …i also went for the free trial samples and was charged over $180.00 for it.Called the company and they said that they would not refund my money..i even sent it back and they make sure before they send it that you trial is up..said it was to late..and they sent it back to me…now i am stuck with it….had to get a new credit card in case they tried billing me for it,,,,,SCAM SCAM,,,,,,hate them!!!

  34. I wont go into details as they are the same as everyone else’s. I phoned CTC credit card and they said I had to contact Alvena directly. Waste of time, only automated. CTC credit card wouldn’t do a thing, even though this is an ongoing problem. They should let people know after the company shows up in their system. I told them I was paying my bill today and to cancel my card. I don’t want a new CTC card because of their lack of concern and willingness to help with the problem, but I bet that they will soon be trying to give me another card, I will never deal with them again. To me they don’t stand behind themselves. I think that people should start disassociating themselves with companies that don’t due dillegence themselves. There are plenty of credit card companies out there looking for our business, so I’ll move on and on again if I have too. The sad part is I’m the one that would never trust buying over the internet and got screwed my first time and I’m 60. Good luck to everyone and to end with the od adage …. If it sounds to good to be true then ………

  35. I also got scam by this. What I don’t understand is why are these web site still displaying there add”s. I was on free.ca witch I’ve trusted in the past….. But I assure you I won’t be back on that site any time soon. I’m reading some of the complaints and they go back for months. Really??
    Free.ca should have pulled this add months ago.

  36. I phoned their customer service after reading your article. ( thank you) and discovered if I cancelled before the 14 days, I had to Return the product ! so the girl offered me 75% off and guess what, It cost me in total $94.79. Yes this is definitely a Scam. They have my Visa number so I took her offer hoping they won’t put any more charges on my card. My punishment for being to gullible thinking I was getting “free” trial cream

  37. Guys and gals we need to get together on this. Call or email CTV in Toronto like I did and complain. If enough people do this they will take us seriously and do a news clip on it. Reading this site after the fact won’t help. We all need to be proactive in the right direction to halt this scam. Email Microsoft and ask them to stop advertising this scam and block the pop up.

  38. We too were caught in the trap of Alvena. Please join us in reporting this company to our local governments. In Ontario contact Consumer Protection 1-877-665-0662. In Canada the Competition Bureau 1-800-348-5358. The more complaints registered the greater the possibility of stopping this abuse.

  39. Please cancel my Alvena and Duoderma orders as the product is too expensive and does not do what your ad says it will. I have used them daily for a month.
    Dianne Khan

  40. I sent away for the so-called ‘free’ samples and was quite willing to pay the shipping charges. Next thing I know my credit card was charged over $400. for the samples. As I was disputing this with my credit card co., another $173. was charged on my account. The latter product arrived soon afterwards. This was not authorized by me. I did not open the second parcel and, though I opened the first parcel, did not open the product at all (not even the boxes), so did not sample them. I cancelled all future orders by calling one of the numbers my cr. card co. gave me. I got a recording that told me it was cancelled. However,I saw that the second charge was still on my account, so I had to phone a second number and cancel again! I was not given a contact no. or address in the shipment.
    When I finally reached a person by experimenting on the phone, I explained my situation and was told that I would not receive a refund even if I sent everything back. My son is unemployed and we are trying to help him. I cannot afford this charge and don’t have the money to sue…unfortunately.

  41. Just canceled my subscription with them (within 14 days), but was told to return sample products (Alvena and Duoderma) they shipped to me ‘as samples’ or they will charge my card. Should I bother to spent my money and return (I didn’t open or try it)?

    They are VERY Tricky!!!!! Thank you everyone for stepping up and informing about this scam!!!!

  42. it is definitely a SCAM! I was stupid enough to believe the fake reviews they put up on their website. I was charged over 400 cad for the crap creams, which I wouldn’t even use as hand cream… I called my credit card company, they knew right away and told me they got these type of calls all the time. my credit card agent advised me to call the company to cancel the subscription. I called back, the SENIOR agent who named Rick, employee number 2041800 advised me I should have read the fine print before I agreed the conditions. and should have called back within 14 days I don’t want the cream. I offered to send them back to get a refund. of course, they wouldn’t even accept their own garbage. I am so pissed I was so stupid to waste my sweat and blood on some scam which is going to end up in the garbage! hope no one fall into the same scam as I did!

  43. What is their return address? I want to return the product and they are not providing. Their corporation address is:
    Alvena Skin Beauty Simplified
    Phone: (855) 583-0220
    4026 Kennett Pike, Suite 55692, Wilmington, DE 19807

    Should I send the product to this address?

    • you should first call them and get RMA number (say ‘NO’ to all offers), then they will sent you email with return address and RMA number. They don’t take returns without this RMA number.
      For Canada it was warehouse address: POBox 6000, Toronto, ON, M3J0K6
      They only accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

      • I sent an email to this scam company right away to cancel my order. I also cancelled my credit card but was warned that scam outfits like this can sometimes ‘push’ charges through. I was assured that as long as I return the samples, the charges can be fought.
        **I am checking my credit card company daily.

        P.S. – I emailed the company the day I ordered these ‘samples’ to cancel. I received the RMA numbers and sent the box of samples back without opening them.

  44. I am going through the same thing. I ordered the Trial samples and they did charge the Shipping, which I had no problem with. THEN, a couple of weeks later, I am charged almost $400 on my CC ! ! Had a heck of a job to find a number to contact Alvena. THANK YOU for posting this info.
    I have now reported them to Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, and then to the RCMP, AND my Credit Card company.

    • Further to my post–
      I have sent a reques to the CAFC to remove my fraud complaint against this company, as I realize it is MY fault for NOT reading the Terms and Conditions before checking the little box when placing my order.
      Keep all emails concerning an order or cancellation you make on line. These are VERY important.
      If you need to contact Alvena or Duaderma, here is the number–
      Customer Care Team
      DUADERMA | Call Toll Free 844-699-3240

      • Alvena just called me and they ARE refunding the entire amount to my CC. 🙂 They will not ship any more products as they did note that my account with them is closed.
        PLEASE, PLEASE, READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON ANY PRODUCT OR ITEM YOU ORDER ON LINE. I hadn’t and that is why I got into the situation I did. My sincere apologies to Alvena and THANK YOU for refunding my money. I SINCERELY APPRECIATE IT. 🙂

      • When you order the free trial there is absolutely no mention of ant terms and conditions Check the BBB website for Alvena to see how this company is rated – an F – the very worst I think you(Gloria) are not a real person but just an employee of the company trying to diffuse your customers s aqnger

  45. Yes I’m having a problem I have cancelled my order and again I have had a charge with you u guys and wondering why??????

    • I called my credit card company and I am getting a new credit card mailed out and they gave he there phone number…. 1-855-552-2280. This is a automatic phone but you can cancel it with this number ladies…….

  46. Would you please cancel my order for Alvena cream. I have received 2 orders and have had to pay for them. I thought I was in a free trial. What a scam! I am listed under phone number 613-298-3906 and my address is 23 Midland Cres., Ottawa, ON K2H 8N2 Canada. Please make it immediately.

  47. Its a SCAM!! They will charge your credit card. You have 14 day to cancel from the time the order is put in.


  48. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. Why can’t we launch a class action lawsuit as a group?

  50. I agree that this is a huge scam. When someone tells me that I accepted the terms and conditions, I can honestly say I DID NOT. I had a similar situation happen to me several years ago and when I placed my order I specifically looked for terms and conditions or policies and procedures and there absolutely was no such thing on the site and if there was it certainly was not visible to me and I looked hard. I only thing I can think of is that by actually accessing the site that I linked into, that created an acceptance, but that would be completely WRONG. I have cancelled the program, however, when speaking to customer support and requesting a refund and cancellation, I was told by that the person he did not have the authority to give me a refund, however, when I told him to cancel my autoship, he tried to retain me by offering me up to 50% discount on the product. So no refund, but 50% discount to retain me as a customer – THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG AND CERTAINLY A SCAM.
    I printed my initial order before leaving the website and it specifically indicated $0.00 for the 30 day supply of the product. I also received an order confirmation from the company to my email, then absolutely nothing when additional charges were put through. NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY THAT I EVER WANT TO DEAL WITH AGAIN – RECOMMENDED BY DR. OZ OR NOT. I did not read anywhere that I was getting a 14-day Free TRIAL offer.
    They have not heard the last of me.

  51. I can’t believe it but I just received a credit for most of the charges for these products. I’m not sure what precipitated this, but I sure am grateful. It was a real disaster for me, as I know, all of you. I wrote letters saying I would be taking legal action to the head offices of both companies and wrote an email to the RCMP Fraud Squad. Hope others of you are just as successful. I am responsible for the initial shipment. Oh well! Lesson learned.

  52. I paid $2.99 for delivery charges for free trial of the product MYDUADERMA 855-552-2280 GBR

  53. I paid $2.99 delivery charges for Myduaderma and Alvena for free trial. i noticed there is no expiration date of this product. After a few weeks, I noticed in my credit card a total charges of$339.86 for the 2 items for free trial. The following week I was again charged for the delivery of 2 items for $395.19. I was so mad and I call the numbers indicated in my Master Card statement and automated recordings responded and I cancelled all automatic deliveries.This is a tricky marketing of this 2 products. The prices are not indicated when you subscribe for trial. You will get the surprise of your life only when you received your statement of account for your credit card. The lesson I learned here is not to give my credit card number to this kind of companies and not to order products thru subscriptions. I was so upset for the overall total $735.06 charged in my credit card which I could not get it back. This is a SCAM. Beware with this marketing tricks of this companies.
    this companies.

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