Aimée Age Correction & Eye Lift Trial SCAM

Aimée Age Correction & Eye Lift Trial SCAM

Aimée are offering 2 products for trial; an age correction cream as well as an eye lift cream. How do these products work, and are they as good an offer as they appear?

Lets look at both products in more detail to discover the truth.

Benefits of Aimée Age Correction & Eye Lift

The products offer the following benefits:

  • Smooth look of stubborn fine lines
  • Restore your radiant, firmer looking skin
  • Brighten skins appearance
  • Reduce the look of dark under-eye circles
  • Hydrate and help diminish puffiness

When reading claims like this it is easy to become tempted into signing up for the offer without reading any further.

However I would suggest that you don’t do this, at least look for a little proof to back up the claims being made.

Ingredients used to make Aimée Age Correction & Eye Lift

Firstly the Aimée Age Correction contains Vitamin C, Glycerin and Cucumber Extract that will certainly provide some benefit to your skin.

Vitamin C can help your body to produce collagen that can give your skin its firmness and strength.

Glycerin can help maintain hydration in your skin, while the Cucumber Extract can also help with this due to its antioxidant content.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the Aimée Eye Lift as there is no information available regarding its ingredients, making it impossible to gauge its true effectiveness.

Cost of Aimée Age Correction & Eye Lift

You may think that a trial offer would be a good deal as it would allow you to try a product with little risk, however you should be aware that if you fail to cancel the trial within 14 days of signing up you will be liable for the £89.95 purchase price.

Not only is this expensive, but signing up to this offer allows the manufacturer to send further monthly packages to you along with the hefty bill. This is because these trials lead onto an auto-ship program.

Are these products a scam?

While not a scam due to their payment terms being available onsite, they cannot be recommended due to their high price and use of auto-shipping.

In my opinion you would be best to stay clear of offers such as this, instead look for products that can be bought outright.

Contact details for Aimée

To contact Aimée you should phone: 0800 046 9691

There is also an email address you may want to try too: info@aimeeagecorrection.com

If you have signed up to this offer please leave a message below with your own personal experiences.

Are there any alternative products available?

Our suggested alternative that you can buy outright without having to sign up to an auto-ship program is the Evolution Slimming Anti-Ageing Skincare Bundle available on the Evolution Slimming website.

This bundle contains 3 separate products that work together to produce various anti-ageing benefits, including:

  • Brighter and more vibrant skin
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles/crows feet
  • Less puffiness around your eyes
  • Firmer skin
  • Smoother skin around eyes, forehead, neck and mouth

As this bundle is unavailable for trial there is no risk of encountering any repeat or hidden charges. The price you see onsite is the price you pay.

Click here to read the full review!

77 comments on "Aimée Age Correction & Eye Lift Trial SCAM"
  1. Hi All,

    Stay away from this company!!!

    I have ordered a trial samples and now have been charged £89.95 for the product that I have not even received!

    The phone line – nobody answers and the voice keep repeating the same phrase, also no responses or acknowledgement of the emails either. Feels that I have now lost my money, but can say one thing – they will choke on it!!!



    • I was directed to this product from an online survey . They offered me a free trail for shipping cost only . Since then I have discovered two debit payments of 89.95 have been taken without my knowledge . I too have tried to e mail but they cone back not sent ( surprise surprise)
      I am contacting the bank to make sure no payments are taken again . Don’t hold out much hope of retrieving payments already taken though
      Total scam it’s theft basically they seem to be getting away with
      Maggie m

    • Be very carefyl

      They will not only take £89.95 from your account, they will take many more payments under different company names, not only that but in a couple of months they will send you more of their useless cream and charge you £92 pounds for the pleasure, when you complain they will tell you that its a monthly subscription you signed up for when you purchased the trial!!!!!!
      Scam all the way!!! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!

    • it is on today’s The One Show. Quickly check my credit card account… exactly the same as it shows on TV. 87.95 or 89.95 was charged 7 days ago. Tried to contact my credit card company, without success. Will call back tomorrow. It is totally scam!

      According to the EE crime team, it makes people sign up the hidden so call: continuous payment… so the company can take whatever they want.

    • What a scam, i have had the same problem when i asked to cancel, so i cancelled my debit card via the bank and got a replacement in 5 days, so they can try as often as they like and will not be able to take any money, rude humans on the other end of the phone…

    • Is this Aimee product the same as Bella Serata?? It’s all a scam!!

  2. I used the eye cream and my vision in one eye was went blurry for 1 hour and then my eyes puffed up and were itchy!!!
    I called the number to cancel and was told I can’t cancel until the one month trail is up and that I have to call back two days before the trial date ends!!! So I need to call back again get a tracking number and then send back the remaining cream, what a lot of messing about. the customer service team told me she uses it and has no problem as if I was lying.
    Be very careful before you order as they auotomatically send out a further months supply and charge you full price.
    C Carr

  3. My elderly mother (not particularly relevant, although quite vulnerable) seen an Aimee ad-free products, just pay postage. She genuinely thought they were”free”. The products arrived 8 days later and, she was away on holiday with family so, package wasn’t opened for further week after the 8 day delivery. Having noticed unaccounted money in her bank, were shocked to find that 2 separate amounts of £89.95 over 2 days had been taken. I rang the number and, eventually spoke to an operator who, was not only rude but, very patronising and, hung up on me after informing me that she had closed the account. £179.90 taken with no possibility of returning unused products and getting a refund. Do Not be tempted! I personally don’t think 14 days is a fair period for results anyway.

  4. I also signed up and have been phoning for two weeks trying to cancel constantly being put off by telephone operator when ask for a returns number you need and address!

  5. I’ve got caught as well with this. I emailed the company shortly after receiving the products to cancel any subscription, as I was unable to get through on the phone. I did not receive a reply and have finally got through on the phone, only to be told that the payment had already been taken as I hadn’t cancelled within 14 days. When I explained that I had, by email, I was told it was only possible to cancel by phone, but that I should have received an email response within 48 hours. I pointed out that it was very hard to get hold of them by phone, but that if I’d been told by return email that I had to do that, I would have persisted. I was very generously offered a discount and that they would only charge me half-price and that my future subscription would be cancelled. However I made it clear that I was not prepared to make any payment as I had cancelled my subscription (by email) well within the allotted time, and that I felt this was very sharp business practice. The person then said she couldn’t do anything else but gave me another email address to write to. What I have now done is get straight onto my credit card company, explaining the whole situation. They confirmed that two amounts of £89.95 had been taken from my account, and that they would get the credit card’s disputes team to look into this and do their best to get my money returned. I’ll post again if this is successful – in the meantime, never again will I buy anything of this nature from the internet!

  6. And I should have put “very generously” above in inverted commas as it was meant ironically, not seriously – this company is obviously very shady indeed.

  7. I have had the very same experience. I contacted my bank they were very sympathetic as to what had happened and have now made a chargeback and the money is now back in my bank. I have learnt a very harsh lesson, there tactics are very underhanded and should be reported but try your bank it may work.

    • Dear Vanessa
      I have also been stung by these unethical people just found out today via my bank ringing me
      that although they paid them £91 this morning they contacted me as suspicious . On checking my accounts I found they taken nearly £500 for July and August and Sept. Likewise thought it was ‘free sample’ jut giving card details for postage. I rang several different no’s and as others experienced got automated American voice telling me can’t answer at present. Finally got through on another no spoke to Louise who also ‘generously, offered 50% discount on my requested full discount. At this point only thought they taken £91! She said she would cancel my account I said unaware I had account. Told I would have seen terms and conditions etc. She said she was talking from Marbella Spain I said why am I not surprised. This is a very clever SCAM and a fraud as nowhere told that these pots are £91 each and on auto delivery even though I have only received August delivery {2 pots which though sent in error and have not used.} not July and Sept. I think this is definitely a fraud.
      Finally interested that your bank got your money back. Please contact me. Thanks Roz

  8. Don’t send for the risk free trial, I got in touch once by phone and they told me I could only cancel after the 14 days were up, even though I insisted on them cancelling my repeat order as I didn’t know I had signed up for. They said you only pay package and postage.( not true!) Nowhere in their advert did it give you the actual products price, I assumed I could buy it later if the creams were ok. I rang them to ask the price of the products and where to buy them and was then told I would receive the products (2) each at a price of £89.95 per month. I only realised then that my details would be used to take money out of my account each month, I have contacted my bank and hopefully this will sort the problem out.
    Trying to contact on the day I was told to, didn’t work I either had to hold for about 6 minutes each time then to be told to ring back later. I have sent numerous e mails but have had no reply, will contact the consumer omBusman next.

  9. I also have been mislead , Tryed to cancel by phone 1hour after clicking the button on my laptop . Was told that the trail was already on its way . Rang again the next day because I wasn’t happy . I was told I had to wait untill my 14 days trail was up before I could cancel my order . I would also need a number. Which they would give me when I ring . I feel sick with worry .

    • how did you get through???, there is no number that works now!!

    • cancel your card or phone your bank and say you have/are being scammed and to refuse any debits by glamour serum, lovely serum, charmed heaven, truly allure, spring appeal. If any debits happen instruct your bank to do a re-charge, that you have not authorised this payment.

  10. Been trying to call these people since Saturday to cancel and all the numbers are dead… Not happy

    • I would cancel your card and/or tell your bank this is a scamming company and to refuse any debits from glamour serum, lovely serum, charmed heaven, truly allure, spring appeal.

  11. I have been trying to contact the company Aimee! The numbers provided that came with the creams do not work! I’m still within the 2 weeks time period. Have emailed them too, no response as yet also emailed them online regarding cancellation and that I do not give permission for any monies to be taken from my account either.
    I then contacted my bank, informed them that no monies to be withdrawn by ‘Aimee’, apparently the were three companies that linked with the withdrawal/payment mandate:- Glamour Serum, Lovely Serum & Charmed Heaven!
    Stick with Amazon at least you know where you’re at.
    My bank has informed me that a stop has been put on now, to keep an eye on my next couple of bank statements, to keep all communications/emails in the event any payments do go out to these companies to contact my bank and they will then deal with them.
    I hope this helps anyone that is having problems. In future will always research on via Google if thinking of purchasing any goods.

    • They also use truly allure.com and springappeal.com Mrs R so make sure you give these to your bank and tell them it’s a scam that is slowly surfacing……..I have cancelled my visa debit card I used for the postage (put it down as stolen) and my new card has a completely different long number/security code so any debits they try will bounce back…..if I hadn’t of done this and they debited my account my bank would do a re-charge if I dispute it as not authorised (I have emailed Aimee via info@simeeagecorrection.com twice for both the eye serum & age correction so I would have this as evidence too……..I would love Aimee to contact me when the debits are refused as if they demand the products be returned (which they cannot do when they state it’s a free trial) I will demand they refund my postage first and then provide additional postage to return the two tubs !!! They are so devious and sly.

      • Have tried to cancel with them but no reply to my 2 e mails and the phone operator will not cancel without an order no which I do not have as the items were returned unopened as soon as they arrived! Have cancelled my bank card with bank they have agreed to recredit my account if they take any money. What a nightmare why is their site still up and running!

  12. I can’t believe i have been scammed!!!!!!, what an arse!, i got the trial of 2 creams at 3.95 per cream!, they then say if you want to cancel any further payments, just call the number!! DAH!!!, the number doesn’t exist any more, there is another number which is just a load of goobley goop. They took £89.95 out twice today!!!! I am so sad, as have no money at present, have a 3 year old, and am pregnant!, i really don’t know what to do! the bank are going to try what they can! I think we should all go to the police!, its illegal, they are stealing

    • most banks will reverse the charge if you say you haven’t approved these charges……..I cancelled by card yesterday as today is 10 days since they debited the postage…….but the bank said if I hadn’t cancelled the card (I said card was stolen) I could have disputed the debit and they would have credited it back to my account so you must push your bank to do this Tessa and tell them it’s a scam and quote this website if they need further proof…….all numbers to call them to cancel either disconnect you or play a very weak message that you cannot heat….I am going to report them to trading standards/financial ombudsman too.

    • I ordered the free trial then read all the reviews and what it was going to cost per month . I tried to phone several times but got no reply so emailed to say I was wanting to cancel . I checked my statement and they had only taken out the money for the postage for the trial . I contacted my bank as I an not convinced they will respond to my email and my bank have assured me they will stop them trying to take any money from my account .
      If anyone does take up this trial just phone your bank straight away and make sure this scam company do not get to take £80 plus out of your account every month !!!

    • I too shamelessly have been dupped,,,,,,, i paid for the postage didnt receive i just cut my losses at that point and thought sill woman £4 was a small price to pay for stupidity, then on checking my accout this weekend foung a payment went out contacted my bank who told me that a payment also went out in sept to another compay lised with aimee for over £80, my bank gave me a number to call, the call centre who answers is a centre only dealing with call but not the company its self, she told me i signed for a delivery on sat – i want even home i have emailed to request proof of all this and contacted my bank again who are working to retrieve my money
      I feel extremely stupid ,,,,, a big price to pay!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’ve had to call these patronising idiots 3 times today, I stupidly made the order on the 26th of August, but having done a bit of reasearch AFTER, and I’d strongly advise anyone to read the small print BEFORE. However even though it states quite clearly on the websites associated by this company that you are well within your right to cancel before the 14 days is up, I have been informed to call back again on the 8th of September to be issues some number to RETURN the cream. What on earth do they want a half used pot of cream for? I have pointed out several errors with their policy and yet, I’m the one in the wrong. I have pre-empted the attack hey will strike on my account, by contacting my bank and informing them of the process I’ve already done contacting these rougues to stop my trial. The bank has informed me that they will not recieve a penny from my account, and the minute that they try and take money from my account they will be stopped. I advise everyone to do the same… Who in their right mind would want to pay 89 pounds a MONTH for EACH tub of cream, not I! Total scam artists.

    • Ordered a free trial but not from Aimee 16th sept looked at bank account today and they have taken nearly £90.00 from bank account.They are still unopened as had no instructions with them so was a bit concerned.Rang bank I hope they can stop this as from reading from these comments it looks bad!

  14. I have called my bank and told them my card has been stolen as that way Aimee cannot debit my card, it will bounce back, I have also emailed them twice cancelling the trial and heard nothing back, I call the number given above and if they want the product sent back they can send me postage to do so as I don’t get on with the cream………for all those still in the trial date call your bank, say your card has been stolen (there is no charge for a replacement) and that way they cannot debit your account……..Good Luck.

  15. I too have had £189.90 debited from my account from plus another two separate debits of £0.95 14 days after they debited my account for the ‘free trial’. I too could not understand the incoherent recorded message at the end of the telephone line they provide you the number for to cancel. I’m certain this is or should be illegal. I have contacted my bank and said the payments after the 14 days are, as far as I’m concerned, unauthorised. They are trying to get this money back for me. Absolutely disgusted with these pieces of worthless scum in disguise as legitimate businesses.

  16. I am so upset that’s all l have to say it happened to me with Aimee cream I paid £3.95 for two pots a free one I might add & they came l have not even used them & they took another £89.95 out of my account without me knowing which is bad enough now l am overdrawn & will get charged daily so l have had a whole lot of stress . Which has depressed this is the last time I will do anything like this l am well & truly upset . How can they take so much money out of people’s account without any say so they all say look at the small print , but you cannot order the free sample without agreeing never again as long as l live will l do this again , when l went to the bank they helped me & told me lots of people have coming in with the same problem xxx

  17. I too have fallen victim. Don’t feel as stupid now i know so many others have been conned. I realised immediately when i pressed the order button what i’d done. I returned the unopened samples by registered post immediately with a strongly worded letter saying that by law i had a 2 week cooling off period. Imagine my horror when i realised that 2 payments have been taken from my account. I have finally got in touch with them and been told that because i didn’t get a tracking order they wouldn’t accept the return. They have offered a 25%refund and said take it or leave it. My bank have been informed. I am trying to generate as much bad publicity as i can for this vile company. I am about £150 out of pocket.

  18. I have also been conned. There was no small print or terms of agreement from this company. I paid postage for the offer of a free trial believing if I liked the product I could buy it on line. I couldnt believe it that they had also for the 2 products had taken from my account of 2 x £89.95 . I phoned and spoke to a lad who said I should have read the small print and cancelled it after 14 days. As there was no small print explaining this I did not know. He promised to cancel any further direct debits from my account and refund my account for only 1 of the payments of £89.95. Emails sent confirming this no refund yet. I cannot believe that a little tub of eye cream is worth this money. I dont have £89.95 a month to pay for this cream that doesnt even work. How can this so called company be allowed to rip innocent people off and claim it was our fault for not reading the small print which did not appear on the screen before I gave my bank details and address to where to send them. I googled to find out if these were scams and could not believe how many 100s of woman had been conned. The guardian did a feature on this please also google trial free face cream scams. good luck to you all and myself to get our money back.

  19. The ‘Free Trial’ scam continues and the DD is being processing under four different company names, BE AWARE!! Bank seems powerless to stop these payments! We need to report this company to Companies House as trading illegally. Suggest you contact Citzen’s Advice Bureau as well to get the trading standards officers to visit their registered company address in Manchester. The Aimee Skincare Company Director Ms Marina Bruce needs to be stopped and charged with miss-selling and gaining money through disception. Contact Details:

    Aimee Skincare Ltd
    Reg. Num. 9183219
    Advantage Business Centre, 132-134 Great Ancoats St, Manchester, M4 6DE

    • Hi, I also ended up being charged for a “free trial”, which evidently it is not!! However, after reading so many understandably upset reviews, out of interest thought I would try the telephone no. 0800 1613649, it appears to still be working!! Hope this helps some of you, and good luck! This is the no. I used to resolve my issue with Aimee.

  20. I can’t believe I was conned so easily – I am usually so careful! The paragraph explaining the ‘scam’ was below the bottom of the screen and I didn’t spot it until I was past the point on no return. I tried to contact them by phone and email but like others, my efforts to contact Aimee have been unsuccessful.
    I have cancelled my credit card so they cannot take any more money from me. Inconvenient, but better than having what to me are large sums of money taken from my card.
    I will never get caught like that again!

  21. My mum (75 years old) got caught by this – she tried to call but the number but it’s just gibberish
    Emails are auto-replied with ‘read our terms and conditions’.
    We called the bank today and they have agreed that this is a scam and will block any attempts of this company to take money.

  22. utter scam they don’t answer the phone waste of time trying I will not be paying them any more money and they are not having free access to my bank account

  23. Utter scam they don’t answer the phone if it exists and have cancelled my payments with my bank so they will not have free access to my account any one reading this do not get involved with this company complete scam

  24. Hi I to signed up fo the free trial paid for the postage by credit card tried to cancel the monthy bill could not get through phoned the credit card people they have put a block on them end of problem also looked at the distributor hmm stay away its a con

  25. I am totally mortified!!! have these people no conscious???? I have had several different named sites dipping their hands into my account and I have been totally oblivious and thinking someone had stolen my account details!!! they had!! single mother with 3 kids and a total of over £250 within a month not including bank charges. I really didn’t want to think about it but wanted to share what disgusting individuals are about. All I can say is….KARMA.

  26. I too have been caught out by this. I did get through to them on 08004096802. They have agreed to refund half the amount to my credit card (it remains to be seen whether this happens).

    I do think it is very misleading and sharp business practice and I also plan to complain to trading standards about this company. Contacting my credit card disputes team was also helpful as they can stop any future payments to these people. They may have some success claiming back from them also. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY.

  27. Aimee products are a waste of time and expensive I would urge anyone not to order their products. I got caught up in this scam and money was taken from my account even though I cancelled the products. I have complained but I’m getting nowhere there must be a complaints authority regarding this type of thing because companies like these are getting away with it

  28. This is an expensive Scam !!! Do not sign up !!
    The bank has been helpful and knew about the scam and all these testimonials have been helpful to thank you . I got to speak to customer services from Aimee who are refunding half of the amount of one of the products but I am about £150.00 out of pocket for a rubbish skin cream that gave me dry patches !
    The conditions of sale are not clear to read when first signing up for a free product . Lesson learnt !

  29. Yes I’ve nearly fell for the scam, spoke with aimee 7am, then went to the bank first thing this morning and blocked aimee taking monthly payments. Fingers crossed. Still got to ring for return number on the 5th October thou. Complete and utter scam what an idiot I am.

  30. THIS info MAY SAVE YOU from AIMEE CREAMs SCAM. Thanks to reading all these reviews WITHIN my trial time expiring and having tried to ring the lines with distortion and unanswerable numbers. I did this. 1. Rang my bank and cancelled the card completely. I also asked them to BLOCK the named company withdrawing the funds regardless of cancelling card ( the company name will be found on your email confirmation for the product who will withdraw payment – EACH cream has a DIFFERENT withdrawer so CHECK and inform bank of both, all, names). 2. IF UK (or any appropriate country as i hear this is worldwide) I sent a special next day delivery letter, tracked and signed for (worth the £6) CANCELLNG my order (address of the company will be on your email confirmation at bottom of page also. Aimee is in Peterborough). Ignore their telling you you can only cancel online. It is MORE important you cancel and notify the company by some means if the numbers they give are unreachable.No court will refuse such evidence. 3. I posted CREAMS back to them SEPARATELY (same day as letter) again tracked and signed for, If you do NOT RETURN the creams (within trial time) they will still be able to charge you £89.95. By which time they then take a second £89.95 for the following month!!! Even if this happens STILL CANCEL As Soon As Possible because until you DO cancel they can still legally withdraw Money from your a/c. By using tracking Royal Mail can email you a copy and a specimen of signature and name of who signed for it at the company for added protection should Aimee write again reminding you of their Terms & Conditions or say they did not receive. This they did to me but being able to provide tracking number they CANCELLED MY ORDER IMMEDIATELY. I asked them to email me CONFIRMATION they had done so IMMEDIATELY too, which they did. The phone number given to me at this point and which i got through on straight away was 0800 161 3649. I would suggest you do these steps EVEN IF YOUR TRIAL TIME HAS EXPIRED to prevent further withdrawals from your a/c. Even if you manage to get through and cancel after a month or two or longer OR are still unable to cancel after months, I would still do the postal method as well for added security and peace of mind. IT IS ACCEPTABLE in law regardless of what they tell you of only being able to cancel by phone. I would also ring Trading Standards who informed me that they have to provide by writing to you or emailing you SEPARATELY to their order confirmation their Terms and Conditions and if they do not, you have up to YEAR TO CANCEL your order. DO CHECK with Trading Standards for EXACT info as this is from memory but it is not far off what i was told. I would not call the amount of cream sent being a months trial of cream and only being given 14 days to try it, which effectively is not 14 days at all because if it takes them a week to send it to you then you only have 7 days to trial it. If you use the cream they say they will charge you so how can this be a trial or a fair one. So it seems this company and there are many similar with similar conditions raking in 100s of £s for very little outlay. DONT FORGET WHEN YOU CANCEL, THE CHARGES SHOULD STOP. It seems sometimes this does not happen.(hence cancelling card completely). IF NOT and can prove as in my 1-3 steps you did cancel and return creams YOU CAN TAKE A SMALL CLAIMS OUT AGAINST THEM in a County Court costing you very little money £20 or less and court will retrieve your money for you SHOULD THEY REPEATEDLY REMOVE MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT AFTER CANCELLATION . Hope this helps many.

  31. Hi I had Aimee free trial and on the 29 September your company took £89.95 from my bank account I did not have any idea nor was I made aware that this was a monthly commitment I would like it cancelled and my money returned as this has been done without my consent thank you I was not made aware that I had a commitment that needed cancelled either thank you

  32. Yep what a rip off!! I stupidly didn’t read the terms and conditions when I ordered the trial because I stupidly thought you would get a month to trial it before you bought it! If I’d have realised it was £89 per jar I would NEVER have even ordered the trail pots because I cannot afford to spend that sort of money on face cream!
    Thankfully I managed to get through to their customer service the first time I called and have cancelled any further shipments but I was told I wouldn’t have a refund of the £180 they’ve taken for the trial samples, the lady on the phone gave me 50% off the two because of an ‘offer’ they have on at the moment.
    Thanks to all of you who’ve posted on this website – I’m now going to call my credit card company and make sure I cancel the card incase they try to take any further payments.
    We should try to get some sort of Social media/TV campaign started to stop the fraudsters!

  33. Is there anybody who reported this to the police, please let us know.

  34. I too got a series of recorded messages on 0800 161 3649 but was sucessfull using 0800 046 9691. I hope this is helpful.

  35. My wife ordered this offer from good housekeeping magazine. Despite her reprimanding our daughter for ordering “free offers” from the internet, she did not read the contract or the terms of condition. She emailed the company to cancel – apparently not the right thing to do – and assumed that was fine. After 14 days as the product had not been returned our card was billed for the full amount. 30 days later we received two more jars in the post and our card was debited a further £185. This is not a scam!! it is advertising products to stupid women who are prepared to spend money on ludicrous products in the vain hope that they can look younger. I have never put anything on my face except soap and water for 57 years my skin looks no better or worse than my wife’s. Get used to it we are all growing old, embrace it and learn to love the patina of age, You are lucky to have that problem. If you have to plaster something onto your face go to a pharmacist. There is no “holy grail” just the emperors new clothes.
    I rang them, explained that my wife was an idiot and got a refund for the two jars that had been returned. Result, my wife is now suitably chastened, my daughter has a get out of jail card for the future and I can go and spend £185 on anything I want without guilt.
    Lesson – there is no such thing as a Free Lunch.

  36. I too have fallen foul of this company, tried to cancel by phone well within the 14 day period, placed on hold with promises of being answered within 4 minutes then cut off numerous times, not wanting to be out of the 14 days I then e mailed them telling them I do not authorise any monies to be taken from my account and I was cancelling, I received confirmation of the e mail being sent
    They never responded to this e mail
    They have so far taken £283.80 from my account
    I am going to make a stand and look at the small claims court
    Beware all the payments were taken out by 4 separate companies I was watching for Aimee
    Alluring eye.com, Beautyfaceec.harm.com, Trueeyeallure.com, Allureingeye.com
    Scandalous and downright criminal
    By phone they have only offered half the months payment in return which I have refused

  37. Update re above, having made a lot of noise with this company and threatened legal action and reporting them to the retail omnibusman I have been informed that they will refund me about £260.00 back into my account, it has not appeared yet but watch this space…..

  38. I would not recurmend these creams to any one, I asked for a free trial and now I am having trouble cancelling any thing from this company if they are a company, I have just tried looking them up on register.fca.org.uk as advised by a friend at work ( police staff ) and could not find them. My bank keeps paying them every month, I do not get any creams from they so I am paying out for nothing.

  39. please discontinue delivering both Aimee face and eye creams
    I have not agreed to these regular deliveries and my last contact with you was just to enquire about the price. This seems to have triggered and put in process monthly deliveries and since then I have received and been billed for 2 jars of face and eye cream.
    Additionally I have a recent delivery of face cream that I want to return to you.
    Please advise
    Joanna Collis

  40. Don’t fall for this like I did and had £200 stolen from my account!!!

    If you have already made that mistake know your rights and how to stop further payments, believe me they will keep taking hundreds of pounds out of your account!!

    Stopping a card payment

    The law says you can withdraw your consent and stop a future payment under a continuous payment authority at any time up to the end of business on the day before the payment is due.

    To withdraw consent, simply tell whoever issued your card (the bank, building society or credit card company) that you don’t want the payment to be made. You can tell the card issuer by phone, email or letter.

    Your card issuer has no right to insist that you ask the company taking the payment first. They have to stop the payments if you ask them to.

    If you ask to stop a payment, the card issuer should investigate each case on its own merit. They should not apply a blanket policy of refusing to refund payments taken when the client gave their account number out.

    You should point out to the card issuer that they should follow the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidance available from the FCA Know your rights guide on the FCA website

    Cancelling the payment by phone

    If you phone, it’s a good idea to follow up the call in writing so you have proof of your instruction to cancel. But the company should take your phone call as the instruction and stop the arrangement straight away, not wait for you to confirm in writing.

    If the person you speak to says you can’t stop the payments, ask to speak to someone more senior. If they still won’t stop the payments, ask them to put a record of the call on your account so you can refer to it later if you need to. Make sure you keep a note of the date, time and who you spoke to as well, in case you need to make a complaint.
    If the card provider won’t stop the payments

    If the card provider goes ahead and allows a payment to be taken when you ask them not to, you’re entitled to your money back. They’ll also have to cancel any interest and charges added to your account because they let the payment go through.
    Getting your money back

    If your bank, building society or credit card company doesn’t refund your money for a payment they shouldn’t have allowed, write and ask for your money back under the company’s complaints procedure.

    If you’re still not satisfied, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

    You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service helpline on 0300 123 9 123 or visit the website at: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

  41. can you refund £89.95 back into my natwest account, or i will take you to fucking court, i know a good solicitor so be warned

  42. 0800 1613649

    Please call this number, for anyone who has been misled, it is not a free trial. They take the money out of your account without consent, and it’s expensive! I have just spoken to a very helpful lady and she has refunded me and cancelled any further outgoings.

  43. Same as all the others above! Have been conned out of £190. Did not even sign up for anything or receive anything, so where did they get all my details from??? Disgusting!!! These scammers are getting rich out of our hard earned money. Shame on them.

  44. I have just phoned the company on the number at the top of the page BE WARNED IT IS IN SPAIN. I have cancelled my ‘subscription’ and am sending the 2nd pot of cream back and they are refundingvthe money. Lost the money for the first pot but a lesson learnt

  45. I too have been scammed.. I looked really carefully at the ad and saw nothing untoward.. I tired the free trail eye and face cream in August and in Nov I had 2 x £89.95 taken from my account.. I work for the CAB and I was so careful but I got had too.. they are very cleaver.. I have contacted my bank and they have put a stop on any more money coming out.. I also contacted Aimee and a nice lady cancelled my subscription and has promised me a full refund this has been backed up on email but says it can take up to a week to be back in my account.. I hope she is telling the truth .. I will never buy anything on line again unless its a good company like ebay or amazon..

  46. My own laptop has died so cannot check on emails from Aimee or the many other company names they use. The trial pot arrived with no paperwork so had no contact details. ( a previous experience with an American company which provided paperwork gave contact nos that worked.I cancelled my subscription was refunded) Received the trial pot, nothing since Payment for postage 18/09.and £89.95 taken 24/11. As a pensioner who still has to work 3 nights a week to survive this is a big loss. My bank Santander not the most helpful…was told by one person to cancel my card, which I have done. Then told by another adviser that ‘Aimee’ could still take money from my account, that I should close my account and start a new one. I instructed them to stop payments to the 2 names that have taken money to date, Alluring Serums and Radiant Skins but was told if they used any other names they would still be paid. HOW DOES THIS WORK SURELY ANY RECURRENT PAYMENT SCAM WE HAVE SIGNED UP TO SHOULD APPLY TO ONE COMPANY NAME ONLY. HOW DO BANKS AUTHENTICATE THE PAYMENTS DEMANDED? WAS ALSO TOLD COULD ONLY ATTEMPT A RECHARGE IF I HAD PROOF IN WRITING FROM THE COMPANY (obviously impossible to get) Change banks maybe!!! As there are so many of us could we try for a CLASS ACTION I think its called. Power in numbers. Any thoughts? Has anyone actually received a refund?

  47. Dont go near this company.the terms of if not sattisfied return are non existant.once you give bank details they will continue to send produts and take paymeny by d.d.if you tell your bank they advice to change your a/c numbers if not thr firm will take the money under a blanket name which your bank can not stop.in otherwords it is a con.

  48. There are so many of these scams around. Last night I saw a pop up for Rtlv and Equinox cream. Free trial for minimal p&p. Recently I lost my son to suicide and thought a treat would do me good. Luckily I decided to sleep on it and talk to my daughter. I googled it to get the website up and saw all the scam warnings. There are also warnings for replennage which I have posted on too. Luckily the warnings tipped me off and I thank everyone for that. The stress of a scam would have pushedme over the edge just before Christmas. I hope you all keep fighting to get your money back.

  49. I also ordered the trial products, I received those but when two payments of £89.95 was taken from my account I never received the goods, despite numerous emails and countless attempts to contact them by phone,(which were never answered). I ended up cancelling the order via my bank, I even cancelled my visa card as the bank informed me that there was no guarantee future payments wouldn’t be taken out.
    It seems to be the same scenario for many people. I for one will not be tempted to order over the internet without doing my research first.

  50. Hi So sorry to hear of everyones problems.. I tried this product, and noticed a marked and instant improvement which was massive. Got my elderly Mum to try and she was equally as pleased. Yes you pay for it, and yes they take what they do, but its no different from the qvc sites thats how they work. I can always tell if my Mum is using the product and vice versa. I then lost my job and emailed aimee to say that I really like their products but am not unemployed and have to cancel on a financial basis. They got back to me with a long ( and lovely) email expressing their condolences re my work sit, but that they were willing to keep supplying at a 50% reduced fee per item. Not many Co’s would do that? At the end of the day its about what works for you, and it really does for us!

  51. Jo Donlon,
    Pull the other one. You either run this scam or benefit from it. If more proof is needed that it’s a scam the celebrities they use to endorse their creams all claim they know nothing about it. Dr Oz had admitted hes given up trying to stop them using his name. Good thing is most people now know its a monumental scam.

  52. I have just cancelled my card with my bank and told them about this scam, they are aware of most scams online and she gave me a number to call so they can claim back the monies that these / this Company has take from me/ us

    I bank with NatWest Bank ( Mine is a business account )

    I have to call 03453660391

  53. I have spoken to the Company this morning and have been told they will refund me the 3 payments that they have taken

    The company on my statement says HYDROPLENNAGE £89.95

    I called the number 08009098492 and spoke to AL ( American person ) His ID is 20420494

    He stated it will take 7-14 days to refund but can be a lot earlier

    Fingers crossed here?

    Good luck peeps

  54. I never purchased this product yet $112.22 was taken from my bank account. I am from the US and am unable to contact anyone other than email, which I have not received any replies.
    I am out the $ and now I have to cancel my card and pay for a new one!

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